Over The Hump

Happy Monday! My knitting lately feels like I am spinning my wheels! I have three projects on needles, and I felt like I was stalling out on all three. This weekend I finally made some decent progress. Now, for those of you that know me would say I knit fast. I think I knit at a moderate speed, but lately no so much. Of course 2 of the projects I had to rip back, and clearly that makes things slow down. On Friday night, I worked on my Morning Surf scarf. This is turning out to be so pretty! It is my fingering weight yarn, knit on #3's. I have started on the second ball, and knitting away!

Next up, Feburary Lady! Another frogger! I put it on Sunday and I am finished with the garter and ready to start the gull lace pattern.

Now because I thought I still had a LOT left to do on Lady, I didn't bring my pattern to knitting. Not the best plan, but another project to work on was in the wings. Of course I didn't have that pattern either, but I figured out how many to cast on for the second mitt. By Sunday evening I had the cuff finished and started the gusset for the thumb. Needless to say, I am over the hump!


CraftyGryphon said…
Well, *I* think you knit fast, but that's because you're able to stick with a smaller number of projects than I can, so I see you finish a TON of stuff in the time it takes me to finish one little thing.

"Speed is relative." - A. Einstein

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