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Winter Chaser

This is prefect for today. A pretty around the neck to chase off the frosty flakes! can you believe there is snow today!

Happy Turkey Day

I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hopefully by now you have ate your fill of Turkey and stuff and are considering that second helping of pie!

A New Toy

Shush!! This is supposed to be a Christmas present, but came a little early due to my old computer deciding that the letter I is not in the dictionary. Do you have any idea just how hard it is to type anything without using the letter I. Look at what I have typed so far, 17 I's. I'm come on! Needless to say I got a new computer. So far I am really enjoying it. It's amazing to me just how fast technology changes. This thing's hard drive is HUGE!!!!! Not to mention the battery life has also improved. Thanks goodness! It's hard to do anything on a laptop if you have to plug it in and recharge it every hour to two hours. I'm still playing with all of the new fangled things to more to come later!

Heading Down Broad Street!

I finished them! I really struggled with getting the mittens just right. I knit the first one and started the second. Ripped the first one down to the cuff to redo the thumb gusset since I made the second glove just like the first. Oi, frogging is really getting to be my best friend. The cap was a little fiddly to do, but worth it in the end. They fit wonderful and I am quite pleased!

Week One for Buster

Hi all! What a week it has been. So far the dogs are really starting to get along. They are starting to sleep closer together. The first few days, Charlie would not have much to do with the puppy as long as it was near me. He doesn't share Mom very well at all! With anybody! Now that it has been a week things are looking up. They are all sleeping in a puppy pile in the middle of the bed at night. Poor lawn guy, he never gets me to myself! His fault since he wanted another doggy! As far as potty training, its going fairly well. Buster goes out easily enough and does his business there. Hopefully with a few upcoming days of someone being home all day things will continue in the right direction.

They love to chase each other all over the house. It does not matter whose stuff its suppose to belong to as the cat will testify to!

A Day for Buster

I wanted to introduce you to the new friend in the house. Buster! Yes, he is going to be absolutely huge! He is three months old and take a long that those paws! He already weighs 27 pounds, so he'll be a big boy. So far his older brothers are getting use to him. Here's a few pictures of the gang!


Oreo likes to attack with his butt!

The boys at play! Another one that loves playing in the cat house!

I'm going to be a touch on the fiesty side!

Over The Hump

Happy Monday! My knitting lately feels like I am spinning my wheels! I have three projects on needles, and I felt like I was stalling out on all three. This weekend I finally made some decent progress. Now, for those of you that know me would say I knit fast. I think I knit at a moderate speed, but lately no so much. Of course 2 of the projects I had to rip back, and clearly that makes things slow down. On Friday night, I worked on my Morning Surf scarf. This is turning out to be so pretty! It is my fingering weight yarn, knit on #3's. I have started on the second ball, and knitting away!

Next up, Feburary Lady! Another frogger! I put it on Sunday and I am finished with the garter and ready to start the gull lace pattern.

Now because I thought I still had a LOT left to do on Lady, I didn't bring my pattern to knitting. Not the best plan, but another project to work on was in the wings. Of course I didn't have that pattern either, but I figured out how many to cast on for the…

Weaver's Acquisition Sale

So last week I went to the Weaver's Guild sale. This was the first time I went. All I can say is "cool." First it was nice to see what others' do with their supply of entertainment. I seen lots of jewelry, stuffed animals, dish clothes, and other pretty things. It was nice to see people selling their goods at a price that showed that they value handmade. The prices were not out of touch by any means, just a fair price for the work involved. People were friendly and there were people exhibiting their crafts too. Rachel was there, spinning away. She was spinning this absolutely gorgeous green silk and she had another purply color that I took home with me. I have starting spinning it and oh my goodness is it fun to spin! I also bought a good variety of colors! The wine color and the greenish yellow are both merino and silk. The black is a lovely alpaca, and the white is cormo and angora blend. Needless to say lots of fun in a bag!

I just finished spinning this roving fro…

Fall Back

I have been up to much lately. I do love the extra hour of relaxation in the Fall. I love the set the clock back after I get up. Some how I feel like I gain an extra hour to do whatever pleases me. Today, just relaxing and hanging out is enough.

I did get a picture of the felted hat. I really like the way it turned out. It's based off the Republic Hat. I think the big button sets it off. Hopefully, the recipient will be pleased.

I also have a good portion of one of the Broad street mittens completed. I still need to finish the cap for the fingers. They fit really well. I have done a few adjustments, but nothing to really make note of.