Home Revamp

Not much knitting going on. I swear each summer we decide to kick our fannies and work on something big in the house. Two years ago, I redid the bathroom from floor to ceiling, and the den's ceiling and walls. Now that doesn't sound like a lot, but I love texture on walls and ceilings. The bathroom walls were atrocious, and they needed lots of covering. There lays the first word in mudding. Lots of mudding and finger swishing! The ceiling in the den is the same way. I got DD to paint the walls in the den. It's a big room, and I just couldn't move after four 8 hour days doing the rest. Last year we put up the rest of the privacy fence, the shed, and sodded the steep, unforgiving front yard, painted DD room during the room swap. This year the remodeling continues.

We are still in the mitts of everything, but I decided to share what we have done so far. In the office, we ripped out one wall, removed the wallpaper from another wall, had someone else redo the ripped out wall, replaced two doors, and put in crown molding. We painted the room a lovely shade of lilac.

Can you believe Lawn Guy picked it out? Anyhoo, painting is still going on. All of the trim will be white when its finished. The carpet goes in hopefully on Monday. It's this side of black, but I think it will tie everything together nicely.

The living room is just starting.

DD cleared almost everything out, so we could start painting. Now LG picked out the color on the wall, and now he thinks its to dark. I personally love it, and think that by the time the laminate floor and white trim goes in it will be fine. Now this is where you, dear reader, come in. I need some opinions. Here's a picture of the color of the wall, the flooring, and a piece of trim. Now the room will have white crown molding and white base boards as well. The room is 13 x 14 and the hall and stairwell will also be in the green.

What do you think? Is it too dark?


CraftyGryphon said…
I think it's a lovely shade with the wood floors; the white trim saves it from being anything that might be "too dark" (which, by the way, it isn't). Yay!
goodmillwork said…
I like the shade of green and the white trim and crown moulding will keep it all bright enough.

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