An Aha! Moment

I am still working my way through Victoria. It's looking great so far. I am trying to work through the sleeves and that's when I hit a snag. Ugh, 2-at-a-time sounds great, everything should line up, and no 2nd sleeve syndrome. Problem is trying to make sure that I knit both sleeves before turning my work. I kept losing track and spent more time just fixing things then actually knitting. I continued to knit on just working on a sleeve at a time and then switching. That worked pretty well. After I finished the last increase on the one sleeve, I went back to do the last few on the 2nd sleeve. The problem then reared its ugly head again as I still had another increase and 8 rows to knit and both sleeve were the same length. Sigh, I fixed this by adding in the increase on both the right and wrong sides. I couldn't do it in one fell swoop because it's Moss stitch. Fine, fixed. Now that the knitting was so large I figured I could think of the two sleeve as one big piece. Aha! I pinned them together. Duh, now they move as one. This working fantastically. Hopefully I can use the same theory on the next sweater because that's where I'm headed, another sweater. Baby it's cold outside!


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