It Can Only Happen to Buster

Did ya know a dog can break out in hives? Oh yeah, that was my night. Buster wouldn't settle down after we started the self-cleaning timer for the oven. My only thought was we would die in a fire since Buster was nearly going berserk. He kept walking from one spot to another, up in chair, down in the chair, back to the kitchen, etc. I was ready to strangle him when I looked at his side full of angry welt. Then I seen his poor face. Oh so sad. I knew it was hives since I use to break out with hives due to anxiety as a kid. Fortunately Benedyl has helped, but he still have the remnants today.

The Internet site said that hives in dogs are caused by an acute allergy attack. The only thing that had changed in the last hour was the oven. I think it was the fumes that caused the reaction. The article continued with suggesting giving Benedyl and watching for other reactions. The hives are suppose to go away within 24 hours. Poor baby.


Ann Konzen said…
Poor guy! Sophie gets hives from too much exposure to grass... lots in spring. Benedryl to the rescue! Hope he's better today.
Rachel said…
Aw! Poor Buster!

The word verification for this comment is "jokee". I don't think Buster's hives are anything to jokee about. :(

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