Lately, I have been on a gifting frenzy. My husband's niece is having her first baby. A boy. What better gift than a baseball blanket. This was super easy. Two pieces of fleece with strip cut and tied around the edges. Christen's baby blanket A dear friend of mine has too many things going on during the month of her birthday. Mindy loves Halloween and gardening like nobody's business. I also know she has a thing for art yarn, so I mixed the ideas and came up with a tomato garden. This was my first attempt at making a shadow box using art yarn. Note to self, ya only need a little. It's cute though, and Mindy likes it. Really, that all that matters. Mindy's birthday gift I have also been involved in a few swaps. I am in two blanket square exchanges. That is kinda fun. It's a great way for me to get my crochet groove on. Another swap that was all kinds of fun was the Potato Chip Scarf swap. I had the best swap partner ever. Interestingly our scarves are in the same color family. Go figure. It's always fun to get goodies in the mail as well as mailing them out to make someone's day. Potato chip swap


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