A Visit with the Harlot in a Church?

Ummm... Yeah. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee 1 Stephanie Pearl-McPhee made her way to St. Louis last Saturday. The original venue was at a St. Louis Public library that would have been way to small. Fortunately, the church stepped up. An Episcopal Church on Euclid, just down the street from Left Bank Books, held their doors open wide. Stephanie is absolutely hilarious. I sat next to 7 letter Deborah extraordinaire in the second pew. That's poor Ava's head there front and center. It was good to out with some of the wonderful knitters in the St. Louis area who also believe that Stephanie is the icon for "it's normal to put yarn in the freezer." Well no, I have never had it come to that, but I think if it was necessary for the kids to know there is no room in the inn to return home to because mom's craft room is more important, I'm your girl. Wheelinsticks out! Stephanie and me


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