Visiting Wier Alpacas

Weir Alpaca Ranch 1 Sunday Lawnguy and I took a small jaunt to Bellevue, IL. We got there a little humm 45 minutes early. The ranch is in the middle of a subdivision about 5 minutes for where I take Pepper to agility class. Anyhoo... The owner was just lovely. Even though we were so early she welcomed us with open arms and a tour around the place. First stop was the barn. Chickens a few, a rooster too, and one duck. Also, alpacas and llamas with their babies. Weir Range 3 Next, we hopped into the golf cart to go visit some of the girls in another pasture. We were armed with a bag of carrots. I went to give one to a pretty cocoa brown alpaca not knowing that you have to hold onto it tightly. Quickly I learned. Lawnguy learned another valuable lesson, alpacas spit if ignored when there are carrots involved. Yumm.. thanks! While we were out there, the owner yelled, "I have a new baby!" There in the center of several white alpacas was a newborn. She said that the baby had to have been born in the morning. Since there was too many white ones out there; and the baby was lying on the ground, the owner asked hubby to drive the cart and follow her back. She got out, picked up the baby, and started walking with mom in tow. It was really cool to see a newborn. Hubby said it was really neat being there. It was pretty fun just hanging out with the animals. Momma and baby 2 After visiting the animals, we walked over to the Indian firing pit for the removal of the pottery that was placed in there the day before. It was interesting listening to what people were saying about how they got different colors and textures. Native firing pit 2 Native firing pit Lastly, of course I bought fiber. I got 8 ounces of this silky black, and 4 pounds of a creamy fleece. Can't wait to play. cream fleece 2 black fleece 1 lb


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