Barn Raising Good Time Weekend

Yeah, I am a country girl, more at heart than anything. I ran across a new really cool quilt along. Again with the quilts. I was reading Bee in my Bonnet's blog the other night when I ran acrossed it. How cool, quilts on the side of a barn. Neat idea. I love barns, and I am very traditional as to the fact they must be red and black. Anyway there will be a total of 12 blocks that will be offered. The squares will be at least 16 inches each. If hubby likes it, it may end up bigger as we need a summer weight blanket for our bedroom. If not, it will be for me; and I can love it just fine. Without further ado.... the first three blocks.... Quilted Barn 1 Quilted Barn 2 Quilted Barn 3 They will get a frame of muslin later to make them 16 inches square. Back to Socks on a Plane.


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