Look Out Southwest St. Louis! Chick with a Driver's License Coming Through!

Yeah, you guessed it. My daughter passed the test today. Good thing too, because she was so upset with me that I was late getting home, she thought Arsenal was the highway. I looked down at her speed and she was nearing 40. I shouted at her to slow the f---- down! She slowed and looked at me like I had three heads and growing two more. Of course she proceeded to tell me how she would not even get a chance to test because of the time. Now mind you I drive HW 40 from work. Traffic at Hanley was a complete nightmare, so my frame of mind was not the best. The whole time that she was gone testing, I knit, and knit. Her boyfriend stared out the window wanting to see her drive up. We both breathed a sigh of relief when she came in and went straight back to get the paper work in order. I asked how the parallel parking went because she sucks at it. Then she proceeds to tell me she clipped the pole pulling out, but that was okay. Oh my! I hope remembers clipping a car coming out of a parking spot is just not okay with me or the owner of the other vehicle. So, I say again, Chick with driver's license and green car beware!!!!!


Shannon said…
Woo! Congrats! And remind me never to park on your street ;) Heheh!

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