A Novel Idea

I was reading the Yarn Harlot's blog the other day and she was talking about her husband's Gansey sweater that she has been working on. She made the statement that the Gansey was in its 48 hour cue. Meaning that it is the project that she will work on for the next 48 hours. The concept smacked in the back of the head so hard I thought my teeth would fall out. I love having lots of projects on needles at one time and I get overwhelmed when I feel like I am getting no where fast, but I want to start the "next" cool thing too. So I decided to take the advice and place WIP's in a cue. I think it will help me start new things without taking away from the old ones. I am working on socks from the cover of the Interweave book Favorite socks. I still have the rest of today to work on them, but I have most of the leg done and I think I will get to start the heel flap before its turn is up. Then I'll work on the MS3 for 2 days, and finish up with the brown wrap sweater. I feel really good about the way this is going to work. I let you know if it works! Happy knitting!!


nicole said…
That's a great idea -- I may steal it too!
Shoes said…
I've been doing that too. I got two pairs of socks finished and finally finished my first skein of a two skein feather and fan scarf I haven't touched since February,
Annie said…
I too thought that might work for me... then I fell off the wagon for the Kauni. I've been knitting it to the exclusion of everything else.

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