The Stash

I find the small stash can really fun because I know what's in there. However, I was just using a medium size tub to hold everything. Problem was the mess I had with trying to keep the supplies straight. The DPN's that I am sure I had- digging all the way to the bottom only to come up with the handle of the ball winder wrapped around the left over sock yarn. What a mess. So off the store I went with the intentions of getting just another tub. I liked the tub's lid that I have because it didn't snap on too tightly. I have broken one too many nails passed the quik a few times on the other kind. When I got to the store of course the only kind of tub that they have doesn't match my existing tub. Now I know I should just not worry about things not matching, but I am kind of a color-coded organizer and picky about things that I really enjoy or related to work where I color-code EVERTHING!

SO, not one tub, but two, plus a smaller tub to fit all of the tools.

Hopefully I can find things a little bit better. One for sock and lacve weight yarns, the tools. The other contains worsted weight.

Of course, organization leads to more enhancements.
So off to the Loopy Ewe with Kathy and Tara for a petting and oooohing event with a little purchase.
I bought the color ways Moonlight and Passion Fruit for The Knittery. As we were looking and oogling, I picked up the Passion Fruit a couple of times and told Kathy that I keep picking it up. She said that's it. You have to buy it if you pick it up at least twice. It's the rules! Well, who am I to be a rule breaker. Besides its fun!


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