WIP's In Motion

Well, things are off to a grand start. The kids seemed really nice. We were told this is a great class. On day 1 - a fight. Just little one. Day 5 - OMG! A royal rumble between two girls. One a of the witnesses said, "There was weave and braids everywhere!" Now I would never get between two girls that are in a fight. It's like walking into the lion's den. Needless to say there was a big pow-wow about what to do if a fight breaks out. Hopefully there are enough students in trouble to calm the waters for a very long time. Monday will tell. I guess middle schoolers are just a smidgen "emotional"? Don't ya think?

On to knitting. I have managed to knit, but I haven't really been spending a lot of time on one particular things. I have few things going.
The MS3,

Annie monkey socks - at least this is sock 2 and I am almost through the leg. I do love how these are turning out.

My new birthday project
- yeah I know the birthday was in July. Give me a pat on the back I showed some restraint I did finish the Laced Tee first.

The yarn is Dream in Color and the colorway is called November Muse, size 9 needles. It is very pretty.There are various colors of brown from light to dark chocolate. I am halfway through knitting the body. It is knitting up unbelievably fast.

Yarn p0rn - Kauni yarn just arrived on Thursday. I am so excited because now I can start the cardigan. I off to play in the yarns and goodies. Have a good weekend.


nicole said…
Yikes! I wouldn't get in the middle of one of those fights either. Loved seeing your lacey tee yesterday. Have a great week!
Annie said…
I too never broke up girl fights -- they are serious. Boy fights are often about popping off, but girls are all about grudges and they get nasty.

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