Lazy Weekend Update

I have spent the weekend just hanging out reading and knitting. Currently I am reading a book called The Burning Times. It's set in France during the medieval times. The story is about a woman who is being charged for witchcraft. The story is told from her jail cell to the interrogator who is a priest of the church. It blends the times of the Knights of Templar, the witch trials, and the Roman Catholic church. I really have enjoyed the historical aspects of the book.

As far as knitting goes, I started working in earnest to finish the Waving Lace socks. I was on the last half repeat before starting the toe when I decided to measure it against the other. Low and behold I realized I was a whole repeat off at the leg. GRRRRRRRR!! Mind you, I know I make mistakes and usually I just suck it and fix it. But this! Oh my! Not a happy camper. I sat there deciding if I could some how stretch it to make it work, no. Well, I would wear them under slacks. No one would see, but I would know. No, neither idea worked. Sniff, sniff, pull, pull, sniff, sniff, pull, pull down to the mistake. Put needles back into place and tucked it safely away until I don't know when!! Maybe when a cow can fly! No, maybe not that long, but I know it will be while.

So what to do with your time when knitting life has issues, how does a knitter make herself feel better? Why would you ask? Why cast on something new! So, I started the Persephone scarf. It is full of cables and needs lots of attention, but boy is it fun to knit. I have about ten inches here. I know it is nowhere near the idea of a scarf, but its pretty!

Also, Nancy from Meyer's House called to say that the Spinning Class is getting ready to start. I am so excited! Next Sunday during the open house and yes there's a sale! I get to try spinning with a drop spindle. Then, later on I get to try out a wheel. One thing that is very cool about the class is getting to take a wheel home for a couple of weeks. That means I can really give it a good try and see if I like it instead of buying a wheel and deciding that I just hate it. This week needs to hurry up already! Happy knitting!!


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