Soon to be an Etsy Seller!

I decided to take the plunge along with 1000's of other very crafty people!! I wanted to make bags and accessories. I am starting with sock bags with 5 matching stitch markers. The bags are double sided and can be reversed with a draw string stopper or two depending on the stopper used.

Plus 5 beautiful prepared markers. I love them and they were a lot of fun to work on. Now here is the problem, what to charge? I think they are worth $20, but what would one be willing will to spend?

Here are some pics of the bags and the markers are attached. I also got a couple of nice close ups of the stitch markers.

Please help. One I want to fair in price, but I also do not want to over price them either. Please leave me some comments and I will post the site and price during the week.


nicole said…
How big are the bags? I don't think that $20 would be unreasonable, but I would expect a largish bag for that price.
kim4life said…
The bags are around 10 by 15 approximently.

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