Babies and More Babies

I think there is a baby boom, at least at my work. I just found out there are 2 more babes on the way. That brings the total of babies coming for work alone to a whopping 5, plus a close friend's 1st grandbaby!! I realize its a big school and lots of teachers, but it will be sub city for a good portion of the end of school and the beginning of next.

This time I am going to try a baby outfit. I have made several baby blankets in the past. I like to crochet them because it is so much faster than knitting. I also made a quilt with toys that were attached with Velcro. That was a fun gift to make and very user friendly. One of the cool things about learning a new craft is looking and buying all the neat books. One of the books that I have always wanted but couldn't justifying buying just because was Mason-Dixon Knitting. I love some of the items in there including the Baby Kimono. I just fell in love with it. First as a mom, I like the idea of being able to get to a wet diaper without disturbing a sleeping baby. This is perfect for napping and sleeping in in warmer weather. Plus look at this:

I have the whole back and half the arms done and it nearly fits on a 14 inch needle. Its just too cute! I will make the bibs from the book as well. Right now I have 2 babies due this month. Both are getting the kimono set with a small hat. The bibs will be different. That will be fun just because of the big button to close it up with. More baby goodness to come!


Annie said…
I just love these! Such a pretty color too.

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