Dear Gardagami

I wanted to let you and EVERYONE WHO READS MY BLOG AND SEES YOUR NAME - DO NOT OPEN COMMENT!! For some reason there seems to be a virus attached to it! I can't imagine just what I or any others have done to bother you so. Maybe your a hater of the fiber arts? Well if this is the case, then don't read the blogs that include that kind of love. For you fiber related friends, again I must repeat don't open anything that says Gardagami for the blog name.


Got me too,thankfully my computer stopped it and booted it out before I knew what was happening. Oh well, whoever must be allergic to wool.
ann_dee78 said…
he has left 2 messages on mine, which i have deleted..I'm a scrapbooker. Is it actually a virus, or is he trying to sell anti-virus software?? It said my computer was infected, but I ran an anti-virus software that didn't find anything wrong..
ann_dee78 said…
totally agree that people need to know. I left a thread on a forum that i frequent to warn people who use blogger (I know that there are quite a few). I have also reported the user to Blogger! Hopefully the user will be offline soon!
Annie said…
Whew, none on mine yet... thanks for the warning!
Gawinski Photo said…
thanks a lot for the warning - I got a comment on my blog too AND opened it - strange way to get in touch with people - it said something about a virus on my XP so I just closed it down - I use a MacBook ;-)

then I googled the name and found this blog!
Mary said…
I just got this SAME 'comment'! Luckily I had set my blog to be moderated, but geesh...I JUST started my blog and this was my first 'comment'! Oh, well.

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