Knitting Three Ways

I love this color! I started this today after I finished the Kauni. Yes, its done and more to follow. Anyway, the newly found colors seem to be leaning to blues of sorts and purplish to boot. See further! Anyway, the sweater will be Citrus Yoke from Interweave Winter 2007. I am using 11's - oh goodie! BIG needles!I think this could be a fast knit. Winter is still very much here and I can wear this in the early part of spring. I can't believe Spring Break is in 2 weeks!

I started working on the Clapote when I only had a 1/2 of sleeve to go. Its just a start, but I love the color. See the color theme as the present moment? It Dream in Color Classy's Night Aurora. I have finished 3 of the increase sections and have 3 more to go before I get to the straight knitting. Its a great on the go project.

The grand finale or is it just finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its done!! The front and the sleeves turn out really nice and it fits really well. I wasn't sure if it would look a little tight, but it doesn't.

How's your knitting coming along! Anything especially cool out there?


Shannon said…
OMG I can't wait to see it in person! Looks great!
CraftyGryphon said…
Ooooo, Kauni's done! I'm hoping to knit one of those someday - it's got to be one of the prettiest cardigans out there. Yay!

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