Home Today!

Well what a morning. Sometime at 4:30ish the stupid cat decides that trying snack on the bird was a great idea. Crash! Of course. I rush upstairs and try to close of the office door because Skippy is out and the bird cage is in pieces. DD came in to help. I got a hold of Skippy, who was freaking out so badly she was nipping me every chance she got. I let go when she felt it necessary to sink her beak into my thumb. I let go and after a few more excruciating moments she did too! All of her blood feathers were gone from the trauma, so no flying, but she is a great escape artist – running is her specialty! After a few more minutes of bending pices and putting her cage back together, we finally managed to get her in her cage. I think she is fine. She is pretty pissy when you get by her cage.


Next check weather and school closings. No, I did not expect to be closed anyway. Started shower and Lawn Guy says never mind! You're kidding! After the snow chain, I decided to take a little nap. Unfortunately, the nap lasted way longer than planned. Oh well, plenty of things to do.


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