Spinning to the Beat!

I bought this lovely Corriedale back at the beginning of September in order to work on a Spin-along with a group a ravelry. Needless to say I have been neglectful of the wool. I have been spinning, a lot of spinning with others. Now, I feel like I need to knuckle down and get going. I want to make the Braided Pullover from Interweave Fall 2008. It's prefect for the weight of the yarn that I am spinning. I have 2 pounds of this. Right now I have about 8 ounces spun. As you do the math, oh hell yeah I still have a ton to do! So, I need to put a plan into motion! I am shooting for 4 oz a day on the weekend and another 4 during the week. That's a total of 12 ounces a week. If I can mange that I should have everything spun in 2 weeks and plied in three. Then, I'll need to dye it and start in with the needles. I might be able to have this finish by the end of January!?!


Lucinda said…
An entire sweater's worth of spinning? I'm so impressed! It looks great!

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