Update on WIP’s

As you can see the Noro scarf is still going. I decided that I wanted it to be narrower, so I restarted it. I am nearly through the first 2 balls and it’s about 3 feet. I just love watching the color changes, and it is great for TV. It’s mindless, just knit and purl, and repeat. Easy! I think it will nice and cozy to wrap around a couple of times.

Harvest Mittens – One done, one to go! These are a wonderful to knit. I love the look of cables. This is my “sit down and knit” nice challenge to do. The first one fits great. I have a start on the second. Once I get past the cuff, then I only have cabling on the back. The pattern itself isn’t too bad. I am still working out the how to go left verses right. The bobbles were not bad at all to knit. Love the details! After I finish both and block them, I get a better picture of the cables with my hands in them.


CraftyGryphon said…
Love the way your Noro scarf looks. It really is pleasantly mindless knitting that, somehow, is still interesting enough to stay engaging.

(The world needs more patterns like this...!)

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