Meet Betty Boop

 I love Betty Boop. There is something about and image that I have always adored.

 What better way to pay tribute then to name an antique sewing machine after her. This sewing machine is a 1907 Singer -66. She needed a lot of cleaning and oiling to make her shine. Hubster put in a new motor, and the sewing test began.

The case was a complete wreck when I opened the box. I knew that it needed to be overhauled. The old material had mold and water stains, and oh the smell!!! With a minimal of tools, glue, nails and mod-podge I have a new gorgeous case.

 I love how easy it is to sew on. No grumbling when is goes over 4 layers. I think she will be a great piecing machine. Way to go Betty!!


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