New Project

Now that I only have the binding left on my Celtic Solstice to do, it's time to pick something new. I have had a stack if fat quarters that I bought last year that have a the of July theme to it. I looked around for a pattern that I could make a wall hanging for using these sweet fabric. I found a lovely block on Craftsy named, the Boston Star Block. Not an easy block to make, but not so hard that I would pull out my hair either.

I need to break Betty in some more and find her truer quarter inch. Well there's their shoot for it and it will be good. What the hell was I thinking. First it is not where I thought, second, the pattern has use size a 4 block unit down to 4 3/4 in. Let me tell you that sucked. Anyway, I got on the painter tape and marked the measurement. Now things are happy again.

Here is the progress so far....


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