Monday, June 23, 2014

Meet Charlotte

Charlotte is a 98 year old White treadle. She is just lovely. Her details on the machine are almostly intact. She cleaned up so easily.

Oh, her cabinet is the prettiest I have seen. I love the detailed design and the way she lifts out of the cabinet is fantastic. She has a pulley system that pulls her upright as you lift the lid. No lifting for me which is fantastic as she is one heavy mama.

 I have been practicing treadling and have stitched through paper. Now, it is time for threading and fabric. I think I will start with 4-patch units. Wish me luck.


Liz said...

She's so beautiful. Enjoy!

Marcie Stewart said...

Could you show some pics as to how the cable is attached to the underside. I have recently purchased a treadle top to put my FR in and I am having difficulty since I have no idea how the cables are attached. Thank you Marcie Stewart