Busy Days

No I wish I was on vacation. Instead life has just been very busy. Lots of things have been happening around here. Hubby and I bought a new truck, and found a shed for the backyard. So, backyard update. We built two gates and finished the last section of the fence. Now we just have to find the time to dig out the area for the shed, put it together, and put it in place. Then, the backyard can be a peaceful haven. Speaking of buiding stuff. I built a blocking frame. It turned out way too big and I need to cut it down and do something to reinforce it better, but at least there's a plan in the works. I'll show it off when its really done.

On the spinning front, I finished the birthday yarn for my friend Kara. Its so pretty and it looks like it should be an ice cream cone. Yummy!!

I also am taking on the Tour de Fleece. This is a prefect way for me to work on some of my fiber skills. This first pic is a raw fleece that I bought at the beginning of summer vacation. Its a learning curve to say the least, but I'll give you a post on that later. Here is the first 2 oz of what I think I will be able to make. Its worsted weight or maybe a little heavier. I still need to finish it. Then, I can tell what the weight will truly be. I love the shine of this yarn. It's a Teeswater and I have to use a flicker, sort of like a dog brush to open up the locks and then I can spin it from there.

Today, I spun up another 2 oz of the yarn for the Leftover Vest. I just love the colors. More to come later.

What have you been doing?


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