Here is the sock that I started. I haven't been knitting very much this week. I love the shadowy colors running through this yarn. The sock is simple. The pattern is called Dublin Bay and it has a lacy insert that runs along the sides other than that simple stockinette. Gotta love mindless.
On the spinning front, I have been working on this bamboo for the last few days. I was able to finally ply it yesterday. I used thread because I didn't want to add thickness to the yarn but I am not very consistent with spinning Bamboo so I wanted something to help how it together. I love the way this turned out. The thread gave the yarn some texture and that makes the colors pop. This will be fun knitted into a scarf. Something simple and lacy, so the colors can shine all they want.


Annie said…
Plying with thread... you're getting good!
bockstark.knits said…
You must post BIGGER pictures, the bamboo is gorgeous, I wish it would fill my screen! :)
Crafty and Crap said…
I"m with Bockstark.. the sock looks awesome. can't wait to see in person... where it will be bigger :)
Lucinda said…
That yarn is lovely, & will make a gorgeous scarf!

(I'm with Mindy on looking forward to seeing your stuff in person, though.)

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