The Finish Line

I finished the last of the plying, washing, and whackin' of the yarns that I spun for the Toure de Fleece. I started this little shindig on the 5th of July and spun ever day except three until last night. Great exercise for your legs by the way. Any hoot, I completed a total of 1240 yards of usable yarn in a variety of colors. Some are destin to become something quickly as Ravelympics gets under way next weekend. While others will wait their turn simmering in the stash stew. I finished 410 yards of Dogriver for the a vest. It's a lovely earthy green-brown-blue mixture. I also have some beautiful white Teeswater that I have been working from a raw fleece 285 yards all hand washed, combed, and spun. They be more to come of this. A bamboo that I plied with thread that is sooooo soft and squishy. A lace scarf of some sort. I call it firey bamboo.

The last yarn I made was my challenge yarn. First, I never spun Targhee before and second I loved the colors so much that I wanted to Navajo ply it so the colors to shine by themselves. Also, I wanted it thin. Navajo plying essentially takes a singles and you create loops to make it 3 strands. Therefore, to get thin, means you have to basically start spinning to the point that it hard to see the thin strand and its hard to feel. Literally. There were times when I thought my hand was falling asleep because I did not feel the fiber going through my fingers. That was a little nerve racking. Anyhow, it's the lovely blues-purples there.


bockstark.knits said…
oh yes, I know that "can't feel the strand" feeling! pretty pretty handspun, great job!
Annie said…
Yes, the yarn is lovely, but Hey! What a great set of birthday presents! So sorry I couldn't come on Wednesday to make a fuss over the locks, markers and gorgeous bag. You made the bag and markers I'm guessing? I'm one lucky knit night girl. Thanks!

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