Hi all,
Today was the 5th day of the Toure de Fleece. Yes, I have been watching the race, that's the Toure de France and spinning during the event of the day. Actually its been really cool to watch. I love looking at pictures of landscapes and stuff. This is prefect. It gives me the scenery and something to do to boot. This is some bamboo that Shannon gave me way back in the winter. I started spinning some more of it today. Bamboo is extremely slippery and I want to try plying it really thin, so its slow going.

Here is a finished knitting object. I can't believe how quick I finished the 2nd sock. Yesterday I finished a repeat on the leg and the whole rest of the sock. Gotta love monkeys they are fast!


bockstark.knits said…
oooh, can't wait to see that bamboo!!!
I love that yarn--Mardi Gras! What is it?

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