Buttons and Buttons

So lots of people collect buttons and other small things. There's an antique store with in walking distance from me. I have a couple of friends that collect buttons and other small things, so I thought I would walk up there and look for things. I have only been in the place a couple times. Its amazing how things that were made by hand have so little value to the younger people - meaning mainly kids. I just roll my eyes when I hear kids say that they don't want to have their parents' or grandparents' things. Gosh, they don't know what they are missing. I only have a few things that are antiques and I cherish them. Most of my family are gone to better pastures, and I miss those days of sitting in homes with knick knacks. Anyway, its fun to remember.

Today, I found a jar of buttons. No rhyme or reason as to how they got placed in the jar according to the owner. That idea was what hooked me to buy a jar. It was fun going through the buttons and looking at how they were constructed. Some have the hole going sideways through the button, some are covered, some were clearly hand fashioned. Here's some pictures.

By the way, buttons are camera shy, so I have found out today. What do you collect?


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