Bored, Bored, and Bored

This weekend has been rather dull. I think its the rain and not being able to get outside. I have been knitting, but I feel like there has not been as much progress. I am dutifully trying out the 48 hour per project and I really like doing that. I will have pictures next week. I had a set back with the MS3, so I think some of the slow progress maybe more about that than anything. The lace socks that I started 2 weeks ago are going well. I have the heal turned and working on the foot of the first one. The brown sweater has the body finished except for the edging and I am half way through the first sleeve. Speaking of that reminds me, I tried doing the magic loop on the sleeve. I hate it. I am not sure why, but it seems slow and cumbersome for me. The Kauni cardi is coming along. I made a mistake in the first pattern repeat and I wasn't getting gage, so I went up a size on the needles and it looks better. I really love how the colors flow together with the pattern. I'll have picks next week and then I can see how the 48 hour per project is really looking with 3 full weeks in.

On the cool news side, Knitpicks has added a wooden needle set to the Option Interchangeable set. The cost is about 70 bucks. Guess what I want for Christmas?

The Secret of the Stole is looking like it will fun. Kathy, a good friend of mine won the first prize, so now she has to knit it with me!! The second prize will be for the swatches. Get signed up and complete your swatch by this Friday to enter for the second prize drawing.

Hope for a quick week with lots of knitting time!


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