Sunday, September 2, 2007

Don't Knit Lace When You're Pissed

Let me just say for the record my MS3 hit the trash can today. I was working on chart 5 starting the wing. Now I knit left handed, so I have to be careful that when I am knitting that it makes sense. I started the chart, finished 50 rows and realized that I have knitted the whole chart backwards. Ideally I just start from the left side of the chart and everything works out fine. Not so much when I started this section because the pattern curves using short rows. Not realizing it soon enough I needed to frog the section. problem 1 - no life line, problem 2 - argument between son and husband, problem 3 - too many dropped stitches making the whole thing a complete mess!! Problem 4 and solution - screw the whole thing. Sigh..... Oh well, it not like its life and death situation and besides there are way to many other beautiful things to knit.

1 comment:

Annie said...

Augh! You didn't really throw it away, did you?! Let us try to pick up the stitches and get it on track! All that work!