If One More Thing Piles Up ....

I have lost my mind! Leave it to me to finally feel the need to get back into the gym on a more consistent basis. Sunday night I sike myself up for Monday. Sundays are always days for waiting to the last possible minute to get anything ready for the week. I know - denial. Maybe Monday should be change to Denial Day because we all know exactly what we have to do on Monday, get up early, act like work is the thing we waited all weekend for, rush to accomplish to do list that is dated a month ago, and begin counting down the days til' the weekend.

Okay, so, clothes laid out, lunch packed, jammies on, and packing my bag for the gym. What's the combination for the lock again? Luckily one try and it worked. Look up code for gym - check, ipod - check with the a long list of podcasts! I'm ready!!!

Now Monday morning I still excited about getting in shape. Go in the office, turn on computer and check out the emails. This week's things to do that won't fit in my actual work time, but I must do anyway:
1. department meeting - Tuesday
2. sexual abuse video - Wed. (have to see it, but not planned during the real work time)
3. Training to be a better teacher - Thursday

Oh my gosh! Plus, progress reports and grades are due this week! What the h - ---!!

Life stinks some weeks!! Smile, sigh and go knit something, anything because this is the stuff that makes me buy more yarn to start another project because knitting is suppose to be my Happy Place! Anyone else got a week like mine?


ROZ said…
Well, not exactly like yours, but it was a hectic week for me too. I love your knitting. Happy knitting to you.

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