Ideas and Not Enough Time!

It seems like every time I look at a new knitting magazine or the new Knitty, I wish I could knit them in a blink of an eye. I know I am not the only one out there with this problem. As a new enough knitter I have not learned to "bide my time!" I want to knit it because it's just the cutest little thing I ever saw! Then, I turn the page or surf some more and there just another and another. I tried out the 48 hours per project and it does work really well. However, I have found myself to be shuffling projects around and believing that I'll have more time for the one that keeps getting pushed back later or I tend to knit less on the project at hand because tomorrow I get to work on the fun one. How stupid can ya get? So I've decided I'll knit what I want when I want and be a happy knitter! I can't follow that much organization for things that I am creating and besides who am I kidding anyway? I so love EZ attitude about there are no knitting police. Not to mention a woman who was so far in front of her time. I love the things that I have learned from her and the fact that knitting was just apart of her life. That's what I want too. I enjoy knitting but I don't want it to become a chore and this week it sort of has. Also, I really want to do some knitting for others. I have spent some time today consider what charities I want to get involved in. Hopefully I can get that figured out and post my plans. I think with the passing of 9/11 has made me a little more aware of how I need to be a part of the changing of ideas. I don't want to feel that just because something did not affect me directly doesn't mean that I shouldn't get involved. Plus, I work with kids that have very little and some do not have a home to call their own; I need to show them that people care and that I care too.

On a happier note, I'll have pics of my works in progress for Sunday. Everyone enjoy the cool weather that makes us want to cast on another project or two because after all we still have plenty of needles left to fill!!


nicole said…
It is frustrating to see so many cool projects and not have enough time to knit them all. I think it's very cool that you want to do some charity knitting -- good luck with it!
Keepitmoving said…
As someone who makes a living from the things I knit, I know the feeling of not having enough time and knitting under pressure! You just have to find a balance between finishing things and indulging your creative juices. Why would you force yourself to finish something when your heart wants to start something new?? It's pretty much a guarantee that someday you won't know what to knit and that's when you can finish. So what if it's three months or even a year later? Just take good notes about where you left off!

kudos for using your craft skills for charity is so great!
Lucinda said…
I need to get back into the swing of having a charity hat going all the time, mixed in with my other projects. I've only finished one so far this year.

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