Some Days are for Pampering

Okay I've been back to work for 3 weeks and have finally received my well awaited first paycheck for the year. Not only is it nice to have money, but the start of the new year also includes a raise. Its small, but okay I'll take it. This means goodies for me!! Friday I went to Meyer's House. Whew, is that a ways away when you work in Chesterfield and live in the city. I have only been to Meyer's one other time and really knew very little about yarn. I paid for my inexperience by way of a tank made out of some stuff that had eyelash in it. Completely and utterly ugly. Needless to say it didn't fit and even if it did I would not wear it any way. I looked like a big fuzzy white bear. So, second trip a little over a year and a half later I have much better sense and a hell of a lot more class. Thus, went on the search for lace and more lace. I have a couple plans hanging out there. I have a lace scarf from the Victorian Lace Today book. It has a diamond pattern in the center. I plan to use Rowan's Kid Haze in the midnight blue colorway. The other is Cashwool for a another Secret Stole that begins in October. Its called the "Secret of the Stole" in Yahoo groups if your interested. I really liked watching the pattern reveal itself in the MS3, so this should be fun too. The top was another pampering treat. I love the pattern and I thought the scarf might look pretty with it for the fall.

My weekend of pampering continued with a haircut and getting my nails done. While I was getting the nails beautified my manicurist talked me into a pedicure. I really wanted to try one for a long time, but I kinda think it might hurt. Don't ask, I can be a true pain in the ass!
Aren't the gorgeous?

I realize that its Labor Day weekend, do you think I went overboard on the idea of "no labor"?

Puppy Update!!
Charlie was at the vet for a second time. They took x-rays and said that there was probably some cartilage damage. This better then my fear of something being broken. The vet gave him some medicine for the inflammation and said to let it heal for a couple of weeks. If by then he not better he will have to see a Specialist and most likely surgery. I walked out with hope and prayers that it would heal. By Friday, Charlie was starting act more like himself. I can tell it is much better. He is running and playing with his brother Oreo.

Look out birds, Charlie is back!!


nicole said…
What a cutie. Good to see him scampering around again.

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