Swatching can be so Nice

I decided that although working on the MS3 did not work out for me for lots of different reasons I really liked the not knowing the end result. I enjoyed working on the chart and just waiting to see what would be revealed. So, I joined the Secret of the Stole. Here's the swatch. The color is Lost Lake by Knitpicks Shadow. The yarn is thicker than what I used for the other stole and I am hoping that it works out better. I am not sure about the beads I maybe changing those to something with a little more contrast to spice things up a little.

Anyone else playing with Secret of the Stole?


CraftyGryphon said…
Me! Me! And for once (and, okay, because of the contest!), I actually did a swatch (over on my blog).

I really like the color of yours... mine might not work so well for the nautical theme, but I just fell in love with the yarn!

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