Fighting Back the Cold

Man, the past few days of the week have been brutal in the St. Louie area. Thursday, I was in the drive-through of the evil McDonald's. Ya know when you have a gut reaction that you know something is completely wrong, and you just shutter to think "this can't happening!" Grab the bag of food, hitting the button to roll up the window, no dice! You got it! The window refused to go back up. With cursing to boot because it's like 100 below zero or something, I drive from West County to South County on the highway with the window down. Hubby comes to my aid and swaps cars. Complaining and texting,he drove the car home and left me the nice warm truck. Friday, the mechanic fixes the window and we take the car home. Saturday, get in to start said vehicle and the battery is dead. Oh come on!! Life is not suppose to be this complicated.

How do you fight back? Why you go shopping with a ravelry friend. Tinkips came up for a visit and we went to a couple of fibery stores. Knitorious, of course, was first on the list.

I got some kid mohair to make a scarf with. We visited with the fabulous staff and headed out for lunch. After lunch we visited Kirkwood Knittery, where we continued on our search for more fibery goodness. I bought some lovely alpaca that I could not put down. We had such a good time. Thank goodness the weather was better today.

After I get back home the saga of the never ending "fix me" continued. Hubby and best friend jumped the car and drove over to Auto zone to see what the problem was. We thought it was the starter, but it turned out to be the battery. Hubby said, "Great we'll fix it when Kim gets home." Ah, no the car won't start again! Argh!! Fine, buy battery now, fix car. I really hope that said car is fixed at this point because its been a really long few days. I don't mind driving the truck, but I can't park the flippin' thing to save my soul.

On the fibery side of life, I finished spinning up the Champagne. It turned out really cool. Another Spunky clubber said that the colorway reminded her of granite with gold veins running through it. I think its a perfect analogy. I still need to set the twist, but I love the way it turned out. 3-ply worsted weight with 226 yards. Decent yardage to add to it.

My thrummed mittens are going okay. I should have finished them already, but not yet. I need to make some more thrums and I don't care for that. Surprisingly, these little boogers take a lot of thrums, more than 100 in each glove. They will be gift away to my co-teacher because she is sponsoring a winter running group at school, so hopefully they will be well used.


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