A Little More

Okay, I got inspired last night to do a little more spinning on the Champagne from the last post. I am spinning it pretty thin, so it takes a while to spin all of it. This is where I am so far. I still have those two little balls left to do. I weighed them to see if I was close 1.35 oz. Not bad. Altogether the three bobbins weigh 4 oz. I should finish the last bobbin today and plied them. Looks like they should stripe pretty nicely.

Buster was kind enough to model my Noro scarf. No, I did not use all 4 skeins because once a scarf hits your knees it's just done. I really love the way the colors change and keep changing. Off to do a little more!


Annie said…
Um, maybe Buster wasn't a willing participant there...

Love love love the spinning. Never put your wheel away upstairs because you just forget to spin if you do that.
CraftyGryphon said…
That's why my slightly-wider two-skein version ended up getting its ends knitted together. Knee-length scarves do not work well in The City...!

Came out great, though!

(Must find spinning stuff and start spinning. It is now 2009.)
Lucinda said…
Love the picture of Buster! He's got that "I'll humor you if I must" look on his face.

Pretty spinning.

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