New Year Ideas

I hate the thought of calling them resolutions because that immediately means don't really bother to try. however, I think writing things down for accountability and achievement is a good thing. So here goes:

Stash busting
1. knit 3 sweaters for the year
2. learn to knit a pair of socks toe up
3. do one project with cables
4. do one project with color work
5. one lace project
All of the items above must come from my stash. I have some great yarns in there.

1. spin more
2. learn long draw
3. make a 3-ply sock weight yarn
4. learn how to do core spinning

1. be more active
2. read more
3. keep up with paperwork for work
4. get out more and find fun things to do

I think these are goals that make the most sense for me. Life is rough enough just to get through, and it's too short. Better enjoy it!


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