Home Again

My goodness the snow. I thought we might get a little more, but I never thought we would have 8 inches in the backyard. Two puppies think nothing of it. Poor Oreo, on the other hand, can not pee without getting his willy in the snow, which pisses him off! Of course I doubt that I would think that's fun either.

Since it's another day of snow, it gives me a chance to continue to knit. Lawn Guy has requested a sweater. STOP the presses!! This is a landmark occasion. I said I would, so yesterday I decided to get it started. It will be a seamless yoke style sweater with some stranded color work in the yoke part. I would have love to make him Cobblestone, but I don't have enough yardage of anything for a size 48 men's. I have enough yarn on hand to start the bottom and sleeves, and I'll have to add some other colors for the yoke. I hope he likes it, and I hope he wears it. I got the ribbing done and about another 2 inches done so far. I love knitting plain old stockinette stitch. The mind can wonder or read while I knit away. Additionally, I started the first sleeve on my February Lady, but I decided to stop until I can get a different size 16 inch circular needle. The one's I started with I hate, and I really dislike magic loop. I find it to be fussy. I would put it on DPN's, but I know I'll need the 16 for LG sweater anyway, so I'll just wait til they come in. I needed to buy a few colors to match for the color work anyway. Well, back to it!


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