TdF 2010 Wrap Up

Here is what I completed during the tour. I feel like I ran right along side them most of the days. It's amazing how good spinning looks after several days of being at the wheel. These are some of the best yarns I have made. All different weights, methods, colors, and of course yardage. Here's the run down. Top to bottom, left to right in the picture.
4 skeins of Rhomney = 655 3-ply worst weight (long draw)
1 skein Dyeabolical = 255 3-ply sport weight (worsted)
1 skein Lupine = 278 3-ply DK weight (long draw)
1 skein Field of Screams = 211 2-ply bulky (short forward draw)
1 skein Rubber Grapes = 261 2-ply Dk weight (short backward draw)
1 skein Blue Moon = 290 2-ply worsted weight (short forward draw)
1 skein Pomegranate = 371 2-ply fingering weight (long draw supported)
1 skein Monkey Farts = 351 2-ply sport weight (short backward draw)
total = 2671 yards / 6 miles 2.78 pounds
Woo woo!


CraftyGryphon said…
Wow - that's a LOT of spinning. And some really pretty yarn as a result! Go you!!

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