Shauna's Fleece

Yeah it's done! I could have had better results, but processing a fleece is learning from the experience. I started with 3.4 lbs of very greasy fleece, and ended with 1500 plus yards of 3-ply yarn. As I continued to scour, card, and spin I got more and more consistent. I learned a ton from processing this fleece. Here's the list:

1. use Kookaburra to scour - house did not smell like a farm, and the fiber came clean in one wash and one rinse

2. learned to use a drum carder - this got better, lost a good portion of fiber due to fiber not clean enough, teased out appropriately, holding on to the fiber instead of feeding the carder smaller chunks, put fiber through twice for a better batt

3. used a WIP guide - a handy little gadget that measure wips with lines on a piece of plastic to use as your spinning. This was the most helpful thing I learned to use. My singles were much more consistent by taking a measurement often.

My plan is for something with cables. After all the purpose of spinning a 3ply is to see the cables better. I am keeping this one natural. It's so pretty.
Oh the 2 bobbins of color are the singles from the previous post.


Kookaburra said…
We are so glad you like our product. Thanks for using Kookaburra!

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