Tough Day in the Mountains

My back hurts. Plain and simple it hurts. Between pulling weeds and spinning it doesn't feel good. I knid have some, well a lot, of empathy for the riders today. Mountain tops eat some of the boys up over the past few days. Today was no exception. What I find amazing is the spectators. They are nuts! I love to watch the race, lord knows, but these people are going to get someone killed. They not only crowd the riders as they pass by, but touch, pat, and shake their fists nearly in their faces. oh and then there are those that feel the need to run along side of the riders screaming in their ears. Hey it's cool to have heroes, but let's not kill them in our excitement.

Okay onto my spinning. I love how this turned out. The colorway is called New Moon from Spunky Eclectic. There were lots of different ways to spin this since the fiber started out with light to dark teals with a mix of white, to smokey lavenders and deep blues with whites, to almost a dark navy. I could have split it with all lights on one and the dark on the other, fractural spun, or a graduation of colors. I decided on the later as a 2-ply. Either way I was going to have some barber poling, but I thought it would blend together as it graduated through the colors. Yes indeedy that just what happen. See the teal stripe going done the hank, that's the beginning and the darkest color being near the end. Very soft and squishable 290 yards of 2ply DK to worsted weight. It's nice when things come together well.


CraftyGryphon said…
Oooo, pretty! The "barber poling" works just great with the white & blues!

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