TdF update

Wow have I spun a ton for the 1st week. I am over a pound of yarn completed. Lots of yarns for knitting with later. Today I finished plying up the two fibers that I had completed as singles.

First up is Dyeabolical Fibers. I love how this turned out. The colors are definitely irresistible the way they play off of each other. It's a 3 ply sport weight. I was shooting for socks, but the yardage is probably a little to low. Still I got 255 yards of the softest yarn.

Second is Spunky Club in Rubber Grapes. Its an interesting combo that I had never tried til now, but super easy to spin with a very soft halo. It's Corriepaca, which is a blend of corriedale and alpaca. Really fun. I like how the deep purples and reds play off of the green like the grapes hiding amoungest the leaves in a basket. It's a 2-ply with 261 yards of DK weight.

The race, the bike race that is has been a bit boring. Tomorrow they it the Alps. I do say I love watching the countryside more than the bikers. I have learned a lot more about the strategies that are used this year. Still don't understand most of it, but enough to get by. Onward and upward!


Dyeabolical said…
Wow! That turned out great!
CraftyGryphon said…
You Tour de Fleece folks just amaze me... !!!

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